Terms and conditions


Terms and conditions of use
Downloading and/or using the JOCK mobile application means full and complete acceptance of the general terms and conditions, its appendix the moderation charter and its privacy policy.

Presentation of the mobile application

JOCK is a mobile application edited by the company Connection which offers a dating service and a male community social network.
The list of countries where the application is available for download is available in the user’s store card.
JOCK is a trademark and a registered service, whose rights belong to the company Connection.

Definitions of the terms

Mobile application: refers to JOCK in its web, mobile, tablet version.

Account or profile: refers to the personal space created by the user via a registration form on the mobile application. It allows the user to access the list of users, to contact them in writing, audio or video, to read or comment on the information published on the mobile application, to receive information, to use geolocation services, to use social network functionalities and to subscribe to a subscription formula. Any natural person over the age of majority (according to the legislation in force in his or her country) or legal entity may create an account and must provide a valid email address that will serve as a login and a confidential password. He/she will be able to access his/her account as soon as it has been validated.

In general, the company Connection reserves the right to refuse the creation of an account if it detects or if it is notified to him for any reason whatsoever, that the field concerned in the registration form, is a clear infringement of the rights of third parties or inaccurate information.

Subscription: refers to any subscription to a paid offer of services made available for a fixed price and a fixed or indefinite period on the mobile application.
Content: refers to all content and textual, audiovisual, audio, graphic, photographic and any other type of public content, broadcast, available and accessible on the mobile application.
Form: means the form that allows the user to create an account and/or subscribe to subscription packages.
User: means any individual (according to the legislation in force in his country) or legal entity, whether or not he holds an account and/or a subscription, who has access to the mobile application, regardless of his location and the terms of his connection.
Comment: refers to a public reaction to content published on the mobile application by a user in a dedicated space.

General terms and conditions of use

The JOCK application is reserved for major users.

The user confirms and guarantees that he/she is able to use the mobile application.
When creating his account, the user undertakes to provide reliable and verified contact information enabling JOCK to contact him if necessary.
This information, such as the e-mail address and the password linked to it, allows access to Jock, which reserves the right to ask the user for a telephone number for identification purposes and for the execution of the general terms and conditions of sale.
Upon request and in accordance with applicable law, any user may request access to information about him/her held by Jock (see our Privacy Policy).
The mobile application, graphics, terms, brands, as well as its entire environment are the property of the company Connection.

The present general conditions of use are those in force at the time of each access to JOCK and apply to all subsequent updates of the application. The user declares to have read them on the mobile application and undertakes to respect them without restriction or reserve. The general conditions of use of the mobile application are subject to modification, in order to take into account any evolution, whether it is jurisprudential, legal or technical. The modifications will take effect on the day of their publication on the www.jock-app.com website and can be consulted at any time from the mobile application.

The download and installation of the mobile application is a temporary authorization given by Connection to install software on the user’s hardware, without jeopardizing the full and entire ownership of the software belonging to Connection.
The user must ensure the compatibility of his hardware with the mobile application.
The user is prohibited from reselling, subletting, bypassing, disabling, damaging the mobile application and/or its features, which are the property of Connection.
Connection will have the possibility to update the mobile application automatically when necessary.

The application is accessible in 2 modes.
A free mode that allows the user to access the application according to basic functions determined by the editor.
A paid mode that allows the user to access the full functionality of the application.

Any case of abusive or fraudulent use, non-compliance with the general terms of use and repeated breaches of their appendix, the moderation charter, will lead to the temporary or permanent suspension or deletion of the user account without prior notice.

Access to the functionalities of the mobile application and subscription

Part of the mobile application’s functionalities and its contents are accessible to all users free of charge. Another part of the functionalities of the mobile application is accessible to users who have subscribed to a subscription formula via the blinds available on the user’s mobile equipment. A subscription allows you to use all the functionalities available on the mobile application.
A subscription taken out by a user is taken out on an individual, personal basis and is non-transferable.
All current subscription offers are detailed on the application. The offers in force are those displayed at the time the order is recorded.

Les tarifs d’abonnement pour la France sont :

These rates are subject to change according to the VAT rate applicable in the user’s country of residence. For France the VAT rate in force is 20%.

For other countries, the rate is the one displayed in the user’s awning including the VAT rate applicable to his country of residence.

Payments are recorded and managed by the user’s account with the awning of his service provider, upon confirmation of the purchase. The subscription is renewed automatically, except in case of deactivation within 24 hours before the end of the subscription period with the service provider’s awning. In this case, access to the paid functions of the application will end at the end of the above-mentioned period. The User can manage his subscription directly with his Service Provider. Jock has no knowledge of data such as credit card numbers provided by the Apple store and Google Play platforms. Please refer to the privacy policies of these platforms.

Jock reserves the right to change its prices and to charge for certain access to parts of its service.

In the event of suspension or deletion of the user account during the subscription period, the user will not be refunded on a pro-rata basis for the time remaining.
In case of suspension or deletion of the user’s account at the initiative of the editor within the framework of the application of the present general conditions, and whatever the reason, the user will not be able to claim any refund of the subscription remaining to run.

JOCK proposes promotional offers from time to time. Information about their duration and conditions is available on the mobile application.

Jock declines all responsibility for telephone costs related to roaming or geolocation that may be invoiced by telephone operators.

Contents and comments

Uploading of content and comments

It is necessary to have an account to be able to be present in the list of users, contact them and publish content. Public content is visible to all users of the mobile application. The user who uploads content or comments does so free of charge.

The user is solely responsible for putting his content and comments online. He expressly undertakes to respect the laws in force and to comply with the JOCK Moderation Charter. JOCK moderates the contents and comments. In the event that the user does not comply with the provisions of these general conditions of use and the moderation charter, JOCK reserves the right to suspend and/or delete the contents that contravene these general conditions of use and its annexes without prior notice to the user.

Any user may at any time report one or more comments or content that he considers contrary to these general terms of use and the moderation charter by sending an email indicating the date of publication, the user’s pseudonym, and the article concerned, via the contact form, or by using the “Report” function on the application.

By voluntarily posting comments or content in the dedicated areas of the mobile application, the user accepts that they are made publicly readable on the application and acknowledges that JOCK does not have the technical means to prevent their possible collection and conservation by other users. Their subsequent use, outside the mobile application, is in no way subject to the control of JOCK, which cannot be held responsible for them.

Published content

The mobile application allows users with an account to publish content, messages or contributions in the form of text, photos, videos. The user expressly guarantees that the published content complies with the legal provisions in force. The user must have all necessary authorization to use the name, image and voice of each identifiable person, regardless of the nature of the content.

The mobile application reserves the right to publish or not publish any content. By sending it to the user, the user accepts, without compensation, that it may be reproduced or represented on the mobile application, and on all its derivatives accessible on smartphones, tablets, etc. The user authorizes the mobile application to make corrections and modifications to the content in order to adapt it to the layout standards of the mobile application where it will be published. By sending his content, the user authorizes the publication of his content under the conditions mentioned above.

The user of the mobile application expressly agrees to be offered content published by other users. The company Connection cannot be held responsible for the accuracy, nor for the unpleasant or contravening quality of the contents proposed by other users.

User Responsibilities

Private content: the user undertakes to respect the legislation in force and not to offer any service or merchandise, not to share any illegal content likely to contravene the moderation charter.

The user is responsible for any action carried out under his identifier and for all interactions he may have with other users. In case of misappropriation or impersonation, the user has the obligation to inform the editor as soon as possible via the contact form available on the application or on the website. JOCK cannot be held responsible for the usurpation of a user’s account by a third party, nor for the actions resulting from it.

The company Connection cannot be held responsible in case of misappropriation of a user’s personal information by other users.

Availability of the mobile application and its functionalities

Connection undertakes to do everything possible to ensure the permanence, continuity and quality of the mobile application.

In principle, the mobile application is accessible 24/7, except in the event of an interruption, scheduled or unscheduled, for the purposes of maintenance, force majeure or network unavailability. Being in fact subject to an obligation of means, Connection cannot be held responsible for any unavailability of the service resulting from damage or technical failure, whatever the nature.

The functionalities proposed to the user require the user to activate the geolocation in the parameters of his telephone and the operation of his GPS.

Third parties involved in the application

The user accepts that the mobile application may send commercial messages from third parties outside the users and Connection.

Connection will not be responsible for the consequences of these commercial messages on the user, nor for the commercial relations between the user and external third parties.

Connection will have the possibility to use the personal data for the purpose of targeting commercial messages but Connection will not transmit to any external third party the personal and individual information of the user.

Communication and user security

Connection will be able to write to users by email or through the mobile application’s messaging system.

The user will be able to receive notifications from the mobile application directly to his equipment; he will have the possibility to delete the receipt of these notifications from the control center of his equipment.

For the security of the users of the application
Connection reserves the right to isolate a user who repeatedly violates its moderation charter.
Connection will be able to analyze by all the automatic means at its disposal, the contents published or exchanged on the Jock application.
Any user has a reporting function to the Jock moderation services.
Any user can report a profile, post or comment to the Jock moderation service.
Jock’s customer service can be reached directly from the contact form in the application or from the website www.jock-app.com.


The user accepts that the applicable legislation is that of the country of the head office of Connection, or France. The competent courts are those where the head office of Connection depends.

Autonomy of clauses

These terms and conditions shall be deemed severable, and the invalidity or unenforceability of any term or provision hereof shall not affect the validity or enforceability of these terms and conditions or any other term or provision hereof. In addition, in lieu of any void or unenforceable term or provision, the parties shall substitute a valid and enforceable provision that comes as close as possible to such void or unenforceable provision.

Moderation charter

This moderation charter constitutes a Contractual Document.

Any subscription and / or use of the JOCK service implies the acceptance and respect of the present charter.

Dear JOCK user,

You are using a community and male social network and dating application that allows you to get in touch with other registered Users like you on this application. We want the exchanges you can have to be as entertaining as possible.

In order to do this, you should treat other Users with the same respect you expect for yourself.

On JOCK, you can freely showcase your individuality by asserting your tastes, preferences, personality, life choices, sexual orientation, by posting your photos and videos, and by exposing yourself publicly.

Other Users do the same and express their singularity as you do, treat them with kindness and refrain from any judgment against them, any discrimination based on physical appearance, ethnic origin or anything that could express intolerance.

Empathy and benevolence, that is the behaviour, the attitude that we hope for. This is what we wish as a User experience so that JOCK is a friendly space for sharing and fun.


JOCK’s moderation charter applies to all Users who have downloaded the Mobile Application and/or use it and created an account.

The JOCK Mobile Application is offered on 2 download platforms for which you agree to respect the terms of use.

To do so, the Public Content of your profile, your presentation video, your photos, your shares on the social network Instajock will be moderated by our teams based in France according to the rules of proper use of these platforms and according to our moderation charter. Any content that is criminally reprehensible as well as any discrimination is prohibited according to the legislation in force.

JOCK has the ability to moderate all Public Content published by a User.

JOCK may also suspend, delete, isolate or ban any User who is at the origin of it.

No compensation, in particular compensation or reimbursement, will be due to Users who have undergone a suspension, isolation, Banishment or deletion of account or termination of contract. Users remain free to terminate their subscription.

Commitments and responsibility of the User

In addition to the provisions of the general terms and conditions and other contractual documents, the User is fully responsible for all Content that he publishes in the dedicated areas of the Mobile Application. The Content must comply with the legislation in force in the User’s country.

For his security, the User must carefully choose the information he publishes in his profile and on the Instajock news feed.

The User should bear in mind that this information will be shared and distributed to all Users of the Mobile Application JOCK .

The User declares to be of legal age according to the legislation in force in his country and refrains from publishing in all publicly accessible sharing spaces:

  • Any pornographic content on his public personal profile or in any space available for the distribution of public information,
  • Any information or commercial announcement without the express authorization of the Mobile Application,
  • Any content of a defamatory nature, or which harms others because of their origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or social background,
  • Any offensive content, personal invective, insult, denigration, threat,
  • Any content that incites hatred, violence, suicide, terrorism, harassment or threat to another User or third party,
  • Any paedophile content,
  • Any content impersonating another User or third party,
  • Any content that discloses confidential information, or information relating to private life, such as telephone numbers or addresses,
  • Any content that deliberately discloses false information,
  • Any content advertising a brand, a product, a service,
  • Any content damaging to the brand image or reputation of JOCK and its team members
  • Any content that is prohibited or mentions illegal practices,

And generally:

  • use the Mobile Application for purposes contrary to national or international legislation, or to intellectual property and privacy law,
  • seek to modify or damage the Mobile Application and its functionalities in any way whatsoever, hack the Application or access the Mobile Application’s services and computer systems, or seek to bypass its control and subscription systems,
  • use the Mobile Application and its services for illegal purposes, or in an environment hazardous to health, or by diverting the Mobile Application from its initial functionalities.

Our moderation policy

Our moderators will have access to your public profile and will ensure that the rules we have just mentioned are respected.

Moderating is not simple, it is not a punishment or an individual judgement.

The goal of moderation is to make JOCK a common space for sharing, if one of your contents is moderated in a way that doesn’t suit you, it’s not against you! Modify your content and be sure that our teams will also act with the benevolence we ask you.

In conjunction with your commitments, and to help us understand each other, here is a non-exhaustive list of everything we do not accept on JOCK.

Public Content Moderation

The conditions of moderation that we are going to detail to you concern the following Public Contents:

  • The public texts and emoticons of your profile,
  • The video presentation of your profile and all its components: images, sounds, inlays,
  • The public photos on your profile,
  • Publications on the Instajock news feed.

Detail and application of Public Content Moderation

Will be moderate:

  • Any content ostentatiously describing or depicting a genital organ or sexual act,
  • Any content that is derogatory and offensive to JOCK or any other person,
  • Any content containing obscene gestures or behaviour,
  • Sextoys or sex toys.
  • Any content referring to paid sexual services.
  • Any content of a racist, homophobic, sexist or serophobic nature,
  • Any mention of drugs, or use of drugs, which is ambiguous like rolling a cigarette is also prohibited,
  • Any offensive, obscene, blasphemous, offensive, insulting or shocking content, as well as any abbreviations thereof,
  • Any content related to a commercial product, website or application,
  • All content subject to copyright and intellectual property rules,
  • Any sensitive content of a private nature such as public disclosure of address and telephone number,
  • Any content of a political or religious nature,
  • Any zoophilic, necrophilic or paedophilic content,
  • Anything to do with firearms or knives,
  • Any content with a character that could be considered a minor,
  • Any content visibly modified by the use of software or a photographic retouching application that makes the user appear too young to meet the majority requirement for access to the application,
  • Any content that is not yours, that represents celebrities, “candids” and any content that does not respect image rights,
  • Any content showing a commercial product, advertising a service or product, website or application,
  • Any photo or video content that consists mainly of text or where the text plays a major role to the detriment of the background,
  • Scenes of violence against people or animals,
  • Sports practices with blood flow,

Privacy Policy

Warning: JOCK is not a digital safe and we disclaim any responsibility Public Content sites are retrieved and shared by a tool external to our Application.

Your profile photos and videos are published either in a public album or in a private album, which you reserve access to the connected users that you authorize.

Instajock publications and their comments are Public Content.

The moderation service does not have access to your private messages. If you notice any abuse or what appears to you to be abuse by another user, use the “report a user” function, which is the only way for the moderator to be alerted.

The “report” function is available on the Instajock news feed and on the profiles of your correspondents.

You can block your correspondent’s profile and messages if you are not happy with their content. JOCK allows you to reverse your decision and unblock them.

Dear User, we have tried to be as complete as possible by giving you the details of what we do not want to appear on our application.

We know from experience that ambiguities are always possible.

At any time, if you feel that a profile or a post is not adequate, you can report it to the moderation team directly on your Application.

Count on us to handle your report in the most diligent manner in accordance with our moderation charter.

In the same way, if you feel that you are being unfairly moderated, if you find us too severe, please send us your comments and complaints. We will deal with them just as diligently.

Thank you for your understanding.

Privacy policy


This Privacy Policy is a Contractual Document.

Any subscription and/or use of the JOCK service implies the acceptance and respect of this privacy policy.

Our privacy policy complies with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that came into force on 25 May 2018. The purpose of this regulation is to establish rules relating to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, their collection, storage and use, and the rules relating to the free movement of such data within the European Union.

Its primary objective is to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of natural persons, and in particular their right to the protection of personal data.

The company Connection is responsible for the processing of your personal data on the JOCK application and makes every effort to protect your privacy during your visits to its Application. Our privacy policy aims to preserve the integrity and quality of our services in the greatest transparency towards our Users.

The company Connection undertakes that the personal data transmitted to it will never be transferred to third parties and other commercial relationships. These data will be strictly used within the framework of the treatment necessary for the good functioning of the Application.

To access our services, you send us personal information that we share with other JOCK Users.

This privacy policy will detail : 

  • The type of information collected :
    • 1 Shared personal data
    • 2 Unshared data
    • 3 Technical and commercial data
    • 4 Cookies
    • 5 Mobile device application authorizations
      • Voluntary user permission : push notification
      • Automatic permissions
  • Third parties
  • Data protection
  • Exercising your rights
  • Updating and revising our privacy policy

By becoming a User of JOCK you agree to the terms of our privacy policy and the collection of the data that you transmit to us. All Users agree to make public any personal information entered in the public part of their profile.

This service is exclusively reserved for adult Users. No information concerning a minor will be accepted, entry to the JOCK Application will be refused if JOCK is aware of the User’s age.

Types of information collected

Any data that can identify a person is personal data.

Personal data is information that you voluntarily transmit to us and that allows us to identify you and facilitate contacts between members. This personal data is collected at the time of registration, when you fill out the profile form, each time you modify the information and when you use the application.

The User who fills in his/her profile agrees to its publication and consultation by other members of the JOCK Application.

Completing the profile form in full is not mandatory to use the application in the available countries.  The only conditions required to use the Application are: an email address, a profile password, having reached the legal age of majority, activating its location and providing accurate geolocation.

The User may disable the display of location data and thus not make public the distance separating him/her from other Users.

The User can deactivate the radar function and thus the display of the crossing position.

Shared personal data are descriptive data or pictures of your person, which allow other Users to have basic information about you, as well as the display of your distance from other Users, and the display of the crossing position with other Users, calculated by the radar.

Sensitive personal data are data giving information about ethnicity, sexual life or sexual orientation, and the crossing position calculated by the radar.

Unshared sensitive personal data allows you to identify yourself as a unique natural person by your email and profile password, the ID and technical elements of your equipment, and to geolocate your address.

Personal information, if filled in, can be viewed each time you log in to the application.

1 Shared personal data :

  • The name or pseudonym used
  • Description of the profile
  • The physical description of the user in his profile :      
    • Age,
    • Height,
    • Weight,
    • Morphology,
    • Style,
    • Ethnicity,
    • Research,
    • Role,
    • Current relationship,
    • Video or photos related to the profile,
    • Photos shared on the Instajock thread,
    • Comments and likes that you post on the Instajock news feedSocial network accounts
    • Geolocation in the form of distance
    • Geolocation in the form of an intersection position calculated by the radar

In any case, do not disclose information that you wish to keep private and do not divulge your access identifiers to our services, which must remain confidential.

Personal information such as your ethnic origin, your sexual role, your sexual orientation, your social network accounts, geolocation in the form of a cross position will be consultable if you have informed or activated them, by other users.

The information in your profile that you choose to transmit to us can be modified at each of your sessions.

You have the option not to provide this information by not filling in the sections proposed in your profile.

You have the option to disable the speed camera function so that other users do not know your crossing positions.

2 Unshared data

JOCK does not share any of the private exchanges you have with other Users.

Your email and password are personal data that we do not share but are necessary:

  • to identify you as a member of the service, to the performance and use of the service,
  • to your requests to exercise your rights,
  • to your requests for assistance to our maintenance teams,
  • to your comments regarding the services of the Jock application,
  • to the sending of any communication relating to the services offered by Jock and more generally to the proper functioning of the application,
  • to the respect of our legal obligations.

Jock does not share geolocation data stored for statistical purposes or necessary for the operation of the application.

3 Technical and commercial data

The JOCK Application collects other information: technical information necessary for its proper functioning, commercial data provided by the Users’ blinds concerning subscriptions and any data necessary for the execution of the contract and the Contractual Documents, the management of the User account and the respect of our legal obligations :

  • The ID of your device and the software and technical information related to it, such as, among other things, its operating system allowing you to manage your User profile,
  • Geolocation information by wifi, GPS or cellular data from your device that allows you to evaluate the distance between Users,
  • GPS status and location permissions
  • Non-individualized browsing data collected by Firebase
  • The alerts and alerts that you report to us,
  • Any comments you may have, as well as your contacts with our maintenance services,
  • All data and exchanges with Users allowing us to meet our legal and commercial obligations.

4 Cookies

An audience tracking is carried out on our site by the company Clickon (Admo.tv).

This tracking, via the installation of cookies, aims to produce anonymous statistics on the use of our services and does not allow the tracking of a user on other sites or advertising platforms.
The IP address is stored for a minimum period of time and is never used to personally identify users.
You can at any time choose to be excluded from this processing by clicking on the link https://www.admo.tv/optout.
A tracking of advertising audience is carried out on our site by the company Skaze. This tracking, via the installation of cookies, aims to enrich your navigation with advertisements likely to interest you.

This technique uses :

  • a cookie file that allows a reduced amount of information to be exchanged with your equipment
  • and in-App ad tracking, a mechanism specific to IOS and Android for mobile applications.

You can consult all the information and data collected here : Privacy policy
You can exercise your right to object to the collection of data here: http://sk.ht/ck/optout.html.
The in-app adtracking tool collects attribution data and then behavioural and usage events within the application for statistical analysis in an anonymous manner.
After installation, all IDs collected when the application is installed are anonymised, so that all events are generated as unassigned organic data.
This event collection is necessary for the operation and development of the application and cannot be deleted.
If you do not wish to participate in these anonymous statistical analyses, you may no longer be able to use the application.

5 Mobile Device Application Authorizations

  • Voluntary user permission: push notifications

The Application may offer you push notifications on any information related to JOCK’s activity, including when you are not actively using the Application, provided that you have expressly activated them. These push notifications are therefore sent to you on the legal basis of your consent (art. 1.a of the RGPD).

You can enable or disable notifications from your profile management menu in the Application.

  • Automatic permissions

Following the installation of the Application, the Application will automatically access the following features of your mobile device:

  • View network connections
  • Accessing the networks
  • Receive data via the internet
  • Preventing the mobile device from going into automatic sleep mode

Thus, by downloading the Application, you consent to such access which is essential for the use of the Application. Consequently, if you wish to remove these accesses, we draw your attention to the fact that you will no longer be able to use the Application.

Third parties

If you access other sites via our Application you are subject to the privacy policies of those sites. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the privacy policies or the processing of your personal data on third party sites.

Data protection and storage duration

The company Connection implements all technical and organizational measures necessary to protect the personal data it holds against any access, destruction or disclosure.

We guarantee the highest degree of security for your personal data.

The access to your personal data is strictly reserved to the employees of the company Connection only within the framework of the necessary treatment for which you have given your consent.

The company Connection stores personal data for the minimum period of time necessary for the proper functioning of the Application and compliance with its legal obligations. Once this period has elapsed, the personal data is not stored.

The data retention periods are as follows:

Data relating to active accounts are kept for as long as the account is active.

  • Data relating to active accounts are kept for as long as the account is active.
  • 1 year after last login for data relating to an inactive account or group
  • 5 years after the last connection for data relating to a banned account
  • 1 year for all data processed by the moderation service
  • 1 year for all data sent by email,
  • 1 year for all data published by users in the News Feed
  • 30 days for location-related data
  • 30 days for data related to profile views
  • 30 days for users logs

Any illegal intrusion into our database will result in an immediate alert and the implementation of the necessary actions.

Exercise your rights

Access, modification, opposition, portability, deletion of your data.

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation no. 2016/679, you have the right to request access to your personal data, correction or deletion of your personal data, limitation of the processing carried out, to oppose the processing, to request the portability of your data.

  • Right of access: You may request a copy of all your personal information held by us; to do so, in your profile, please refer to the section “Settings and privacy/ Request my personal data”.

We will send you this data by e-mail to the e-mail address you have confirmed.

  • Right to change: To do so, please refer to the section “Settings and privacy/change or correction of data” in your profile to enter your request.
  • Objection: If you withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data, our services may be terminated. In your profile, use the “contact us” form to enter your request.
  • Portability: the right to portability aims at the control of your data: it allows you to dispose of and manipulate “portable” data and to transmit it to other platforms. In your profile, use the “contact us” form to enter your request.
  • Deletion: You can also delete your account in the section “settings and confidentiality / “delete my account” in your user profile. Your account will be deleted from our databases but some information may be kept in order to comply with our legal obligations.

Updates and changes to our privacy policy

We reserve the right to change the terms of our privacy policy at any time. By using JOCK, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy.